Plastica Poolskim - Replacement nets with clip

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A continuous skimmer for above and in-ground pools

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The PoolSkim skims the surface of your pool, removing all floating debris. By removing any debris on the surface of your pool before it arrives at the skimmer box, the PoolSkim reduces the workload of the filtration system which in turn will increase its lifespan.

The PoolSkim is compatible and retro-fitted to most pools.

  • This offers continuous skimming whilst the cleaner is in use
  • Poolskim attaches to return
  • There is no booster pump required
  • It adjusts itself to the pool water level
  • Works in conjunction with suction cleaner
  • Easy to clean
  • Re-usable clip-on bag
  • Reduces pump workload
  • For above ground or in-ground pools
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