Certikin Backwash Water Saver

Backwash Water Saver
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For use during a water shortage

The cartridge filter catches any dirt inside your sand filter which is flushed out during back washing. The water which is normally wasted during the back wash process can then be redirected back into the pool saving water. The filter element must be cleaned with a suitable cleaner between back washes and this must be viewed as temporary measure while we have a water shortage. The filter element must replaced after 6-8 back wash cycles. The replacement element part number is C4950.

The 50sqft filter is pre fitted with 2no. 1.5” hose tails. One side has a 3m length of flexible hose fitted. The customer uses this hose to connect up to their present sand filter with the jubilee clips supplied. They should use their own back wash hose to direct the water back into the pool.

The filter is fitted to its own base panel so it can be placed in your plant room next to the sand filter. The kit also comes with a pack of skimmer socks to further aid in the prevention of blocking your sand filter reducing the need for a back wash cycle.

Note: This device should only be used as a temporary measure, normal backwashing should be carried out as soon as conditions permit, to introduce fresh water into the pool.

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