Harwil Reed Flow Switch - 3 barb assembly

Complete Harwil Assembly complete with 3 barb tee piece but can be supplied with 2 differing lead connections off the switch.
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Harwil Reed Flow Switch - Boxed end connectors Harwil Reed Flow Switch - Boxed end connectors 530 6560-860
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Harwil Reed Flow Switch - Plug / Curled finger connectors Harwil Reed Flow Switch - Plug / Curled finger connectors 531 2560-040
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This Harwil Reed Flow Switch assembly comes complete with the Harwil Flo Switch and a clear plastic housing comprising of 2 x 3/4 inch barb straight through connectors and a smaller barb coming out of the bottom, it is essential to measure the flow switch dimensions prior to purchasing.

There are two options - see below for specifications

Flo Switch Thread diameter : 1"
Flo Switch Grey probe length : 1"
Tee Length: 125mm
Tee Height: 65mm

Hose line connection pipe - Clear 3/4 inch Vinyl flexible hose
Freeze Protection pipe - 3/8" Vinyl Air Pipe

SUNDANCE® SPAS amongst others. Be aware this product has the code Q-12DS-C2 on the label - this is used on varying models within the range all with differing parameters always check the probe length and the connector type for confirmation of unit.

The arrow on the side of the switch shows the direction of flow and which way the unit must be positioned, the thread must be completely wound in.


Boxed End

The end of the flow switch has Boxed End Connectors connectors and fit the following tubs (Part code 6560-860):

All 2005+ / SUNDANCE® SPAS 880
2005 / 850 series
All 2001 / 1 pump Capri models
All 06/1999-2004 / 2 or 3 pump SUNDANCE® SPAS spas
SUNDANCE® SPAS 800/850/880 Series, 1999-Present
Sweetwater and Portofino Series with Circulation Pump

JACUZZI® J-300 LCD Series Models, 2002+ (with box end connectors) note that the LCD Flow Switch is for JACUZZI® J-300 hot tubs with Black digits on the display panel.
Can be used on 2002-2003 J350, J360, J370 and J380, and 2004 to 2006 J355, J365, J375 and J385 models.


Curled Fingers with Plug

The end of the flow switch has Curled Finger Connectors connectors sitting inside a plug and fit the following tubs (Part code 2560-040), you can carefully remove the plug with a paper clip if you wish just to have curled finger ends (this is unusual though)

2008+ / 780 series
2008 / 680 Burlington model equipped with circ pump
2007+ / Hartford & Hawthorne equipped with circ pump
2007 / Hamilton, Chelsee, Certa & Camden
2005-06 / Palermo, Bahia and Cayman models
2003-04 / Sweetwater models

The curled fingers version also fits the J200, J300, JLX/LXL models.

Note: If your J300 Hot Tub has black digits on the display panel you will need

Breakdown of JACUZZI® spa that this unit fits:

J200 models - 2007 onwards, can be used on J230, J270 and J280 models with circulation pumps.

J300 -from 2002 onwards, can be used on the 2002 to 2003 J320, J330, J340 models and the 2007 onwards J355, J365, J375.

JLX/JLXL models.

J500 - from 2015 onwards.

JACUZZI® Part No.2560-040.

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