Waterway 3 3/8" Directional Poly Storm Jet - Textured Five Scalloped - Sterling Silver

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This Waterway Polystorm Jet is easily identified as it has a centre directional nozzle.

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This Waterway Polystorm Jet is easily identified as it has a centre directional nozzle, moveable to your choice of position with a grey 5 point scallop textured face. Available in Sterling, which is a very light grey in colour as shown in the image.

Diameter: 88mm
Height: 110mm

A huge variety of tubs, some are Aegean, Spaform tubs including Grand Canyon, Milano, Odyssey, Oslo, Platinum, Tango & Utopia, amongst others. Also a replacement for the Beachcomber jets with the ring face design which have now been discontinued.

This jet fits the Polystorm jet body using push fit connection, when fitting or removing always be vigilant not to impart to much pressure on the jet as it is only fixed in by 2 plastic lugs which over time become brittle - simply push in and turn clockwise.

As of January 2018, Waterway will be discontinuing all clip-in storm jets with the exception of the five scalloped series directional jets in Sterling Silver only. These are interchangeable with any other Waterway Polystorm clip-in jet.

A Waterway jet is made up of a front face & a diffuser (rear piece). This jet has the number 218-4000 found on the diffuser. Don't worry some jets don't have this code or it may have worn away or the plastic may have a build up of scale, take a moment and scratch with your finger nail to see if you can reveal the code. Always marry this number up with the diameter of the jet front face.

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