Bayrol Desalgine Jet

Algicide with clarifying effect.
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Liquid algicide concentrate with broadband effect against all kinds of algae. Clears water. Very low in foam and pH-neutral.

Desalgine works for a very long time and is very economical to use because of the high active agent content. Desalgine is also non-foaming free of chlorine and heavy metals, making it suitable for all kinds of swimming pools. When in use, it is particularly skin friendly.

Desalgine® Jet is ideal for pools with counter-current jets or water features.

  • Pre treatment of pool: to disinfect and to allow a protective layer to form, spread or spray a solution of 0.2 litres of Desalgine to 10 litres of water, on to base and walls and allow to dry.
  • Initial Dosage: 0.15 litres of Deslagine to 10m3 (2200 gallons) of water.
  • Subsequent Dosage: 30ml (indoor pool) or 50ml (outdoor pool) per 10m3 (2200 gallons) weekly.
  • Pools with algae formation: 0.25 Litres of desalgine and 10 Chloroklar Tablets (only in floater) or 0.2 Kg or Chlorofix granules to 10m3 (2200 gallons)
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