Balboa HA440NG Magnaflow Pumps.

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The HA440NG is manufactured by Balboa Water Groups pump division Hydroair, of whom we are the UK distributer, it is the ultimate benchmark in design, performance & flexibility and directly replaces failed Spaform hot tub pumps.

We offer both single and twin speed variants and the wet end has a 2" suction and 2" discharge (Outside diameter across the threads is 78mm)

Looking for a cheaper alternative?


SKU Description RWA™ Alternative
611 2hp Two Speed 2HP Two Speed SKU 44913
612 2hp Single Speed 2HP Single Speed SKU 44910

The unions are a direct match, but just check the images in the gallery as there is a height slight difference in the wet end, so ensure you have a bit of play with the pipes, also we do not guarantee the holding bolts will fit, remember they are just used in the transportation of the hot tub (not at all essential), the RWA alternative comes with anti vibration pads to remove excess noise.

Length: 390mm
Height: 230mm
Depth: 190mm
Electrical: Supplied with either a 3 core (single speed) or 4 core (twin speed) cable with AMP plug. (this can be swapped over with your old pump cable if required)
Unions: Unions are supplied

HA440 - Single Speed HA440 - Two Speed
Amps: 5.7 Amps: 1.5 (low) / 5.7 (high)
Volts: 230 Volts: 230
Hz: 50 Hz: 50
Motor HP: 2.14 HP: 0.43 (low) / 1.86 (high)
RPM: 2800 RPM: 1400 (low) / 2900 (high)
Capacitor: Check existing pump  
Fittings: 2 inch Fittings: 2 inch

Whether you have the old Hydroair HA440 (black wet end with O'ring) / Hydroair HA440 (grey wet end ) Hydroair HA440 (black wet end ) or the discontinued Genesis GC150-2XJ-B with the blue wet end, this is the pump for you. It also replaces Sirum pumps fitted to a Certikin Bordeaux.

Typical part numbers will be 95-4409-SF for single speeds and 95-44092-SF for two speeds

Suitable for all Spaform Spas including Atlantic, Esperanto, Fraser, Geneva, Grand Canyon, Milano, Odyssey, Oslo, Platimun, Tango, Utopia, also fited to Aegean, Hindhead DIY Series amongst others.

The single speed HA440NG can also be used to replace the Balboa Niagara pump model 1023003 & 1023007.

Replacement For

Two Speed Part numbers SKU611 (1023024)
HydroAir: 1023024, 1023033, 1023076
Dream Maker Spas: 405010

Single Speed Part numbers SKU612 (1023063)
HydroAir: 1023063, 1023065

The wiring on these pumps will typically be:

Brown - Primary Live
Black - Secondary Live
Grey or Blue - Neutral
Green/Yellow - Earth

The new generation are labelled 1.5HP, but don't worry the superior technology mean the performance curve matches exactly the old HA400 pumps and is a direct replacement.

Please don't be daunted by the information below, we have completed these changeovers over 800 times before and it is extremely easy with our help - after all that's what we are here for.

Replacing a Version1 HA440 (black wet end with O'ring)

If you are replacing a Version One Wet Ended (Black) HA440 Pump, it is fitted with an o'ring in the discharge outlet, you must purchase a thick gasket which in most case will overcome this problem. Then it is a straight swap.

Replacing the GC150-2XJ-B motor only:
The replacement motor can be found here GC150-2XJ-B motor replacement.

Replacing GC150-2XJ-B Complete Pump:

The blue wet end and its component parts is now discontinued. So if the impeller is broken its unfortunately a new pump.

Be advised it is not a straight swap for the GC150 as there are a few plumbing changes needed. We have done over 800 changeovers without any failures (so there's not many left out there ), we supply all the parts to make the conversion as easy as possible for you and we can help you if you would take a photograph of the pump in position. showing the pipework, then we can build the pipework up for you and explain the quickest and easiest way to carry out the installation.

This is easy to do if you are fairly well DIY proficient. Gives us a call and we'll happily guide you through it.

This pump will perform at its best with 2 inch plumbing. This pump does not always perform at its best when plumbed in to 1.5 inch plumbing combined with running through a water diverter valve.

Replacing a Version 2 HA440 (grey wet end)

A straight swap - no need to worry about anything.

We are The UK's Official Distributor for Balboa Water Group.

  • Part Number 1023024 has an RRP including VAT of: £539.34
  • Part Number 1023063 has an RRP including VAT of: £431.95
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